Flutter — State Management with Riverpod

Application State



The death of StatefulWidget

Too simple

Types or Providers

  • Provider — A provider that provides a read only value
  • StateProvider — A provider thats value can be modified from outside
  • StreamProvider — A provider that creates a stream and exposes it latest event
  • FutureProvider — A provider that asynchronously provides a single value
  • More .. go learn about them here

Dependency Injection

What’s going on here?

  • So we have a Movie data class, a MoviesRepo , and a MoviesApi
  • I created three providers, one for the api, one for the repo, and the last to hold the list of movies
  • The widget knows nothing about where the data comes from, just that it will receive a list of movies
  • The repo gets the api it needs from reading the moviesApiProvider.





Flutter Fan Boy & Android Developer

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Tony Owen

Tony Owen

Flutter Fan Boy & Android Developer

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